Outdoor Kitchen Must Haves for Connecticut

Mar 15, 2023

Outdoor Kitchen Connecticut

Outdoor Kitchen Must Haves for Connecticut

The addition of an outdoor kitchen to any home has become a necessary accessory over the last 15 years. Most importantly, the designs, cost and capabilities have improved immensely in the recent years. Outdoor kitchens have always been our favorite element when we design our outdoor living spaces. The extra cooking space is a detail our clients have raved about for years. At Lions Creek Outdoor we are a firm believer that some of the best moments of life happen not just at our homes but in our yards. After designing and building hundreds of outdoor kitchens here are some of our favorite designs and must haves for your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Lets get right to everyone’s favorite part, outdoor kitchen appliances. As outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular the available options have increased drastically. However, lets stick with the basics and the most important ones.
Built in outdoor grill, Connecticut

Built In Grill

The built in grill is your hero for your outdoor kitchen. Selecting the right grill is very important. When our designers are figuring out what type of grill will be the best fit we usually get an idea of what the homeowner is expecting to cook and for how many. For instance, some of our clients frequently have large gatherings, we immediately suggest a large grill at about 40″ wide. The large grilling service means faster service for more people. However, most homeowners needs are satisfied with a 32″ wide built in grill. Finally, if possible, hard line your appliances! Connect your grill to your home’s propane or natural gas tank. Completely eliminate the need to watch gas amounts and refill tanks!

Outdoor Sink

Many times, the sink is an overlooked detail in outdoor kitchens. However, we do not think this detail is one to overlook. Having direct access running water right inside your outdoor kitchen is a constant client favorite. Additionally, we can make some one-of-a-kind custom farm sinks that look incredible in an outdoor kitchen. Access to running water inside an outdoor kitchen we see a must have. Be sure to include a sink in your design!

Grill Side Burner

A good side burner is almost a multi tool for an outdoor kitchen experience. This is where everyone’s favorite side dishes will be cooked to serve! Having a good quality side burner is key. Due to the possibility of wind, you want to be sure the side burner is capable of putting out a strong consistent flame in order to provide an evenly heated pan or pot. Once again, if you’re hard lining your grill, add your side burner to the gas line as well!

BBQ Storage

Although it may sound simple, we see so many outdoor kitchens that did not plan enough storage space! Outdoor kitchens can easily have just as many items to store as your indoor kitchen. The more storage, the happier your cooking life will be.

Outdoor Bar Seating

Any outdoor living space should always prioritize seating. If you’re thinking about designing or building an outdoor kitchen, make space for bar seating. Not only is it functional, but bar seating allows a much greater social gathering. You can either keep the seating at the height of the countertop (36″) or what we prefer is to add a ledge (42″). The elevated ledge allows for more spaced and comfort for anyone sitting in the area! Be sure to choose the right outdoor bar stools that allow for comfort and functionality.

Select The Right Counter Top For Your Outdoor Kitchen

This is one of the most important parts of your outdoor kitchen! When installing an outdoor kitchen in the Northeast, especially in Connecticut the right material countertop is a must. Due to the not only it being a cooking top but also the weather. The countertop will need to be able to take the elements and never waiver! This is why we recommend only using granite counter tops. Another one of our secretes is to use a leathered finish on the granite, never a polished finish. A polished finish when exposed to the sun reflects harmful light and heat directly at you. Making your dream outdoor kitchen almost unusable. The leathered finish has no polish but is more a textured feel with little to no reflectiveness.

Get the Outdoor Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Outdoor kitchen must haves for Connecticut can be quite a long list. However, we wanted to share our thoughts on some of the most important aspects. A great outdoor kitchen all begins with an incredible design and planning. Taking your time in the design phase will save many issues in the construction phase! If you are looking to learn more about our outdoor kitchen must haves or need help with your homes design, contact us today!