Plunge Pool Must Haves for 2023

Mar 25, 2023

Plunge pool

What Is A Plunge Pool?

A plunge pool is a small deep pool usually in the size range of about 13’x7′ and about 5′ deep. Our favorite plunge pools are Soake Pools for many reasons. First off, these pools are made to be used 365 days a year! They are a perfect blend between a traditional pool and traditional hot tub. Additionally, these pools are made of an incredible structural housing of steel and high grade concrete with beautiful porcelain tiling on the inside. However, there is so much more to unpack about these amazing pools! Read on below to see why they are quickly becoming our favorite addition to our projects.

How Can It Be Used All Year?

The first question we always answer is how these pools can be used all year. Soake plunge pools are best described as a smart pool! Almost everything can be controlled on your phone! Furthermore, the pool owner can simply adjust the temperature of the pool at any time on their phone. If you are looking to keep your pool colder for the warmer months simply allow it to remain as is! However, when the cold months come in, keep your plunge pool at an amazing 80-100 degrees. Finally, these plunge pools are also a saltwater system, so forget that terrible smell and feeling of chlorine.

Creating The Perfect Design For Your Plunge Pool

Plunge pools are by no means your traditional pool. Due to the fact that these pools are made of concrete, it allows us as designers and installers to create one of a kind custom projects that are unmatched. Plunge pools can be set either flush with a patio or grass line or even set above to create a sitting ledge and breath taking veneer details. Additionally, designing the perfect space for a plunge pool takes a fair amount of experience and design capabilities. Due to its versatility, the designs can be almost unlimited. That’s why it is important to have a great design before beginning installation!

Installation Must Haves

These pools have such a great ability to match any style that we tell all our clients not to feel limited in their selection of addons. However, we do have a list of some of our “musts” when thinking about their project.

Automatic Cover

Automatic covers are an absolute must, drastically reduce cleaning needs, keep the area safe and best of all no fencing needed(check local codes for your project)! Equally important is the ease of use. These covers are operated with a simple button, so forget having to attempt to move any heavy obnoxious covers!

Gas Heater

This is the part of the pool that allows for the incredible year-round use. Capable of using either natural gas or propane, your pool will be ready to handle any weather conditions.


The best part of any pool is enjoying it after the sun goes down! Adding lighting to not only inside the pool but also the surrounding pool decking. We install lighting around our pools for every project. Furthermore, great low voltage landscape lighting negates the use of harsh flood lights!

The Surrounding Area

As important as your new pool is, we believe that surrounding it with a functional and stylish space is just as important. Again, a great lighting scheme, pool decking, pergola, plantings or outdoor kitchen are the perfect pairing for your incredible new pool. Always be sure to maximize your space!

Lets Begin Your Design!

If you feel a plunge pool is right for you and your yard, get in touch with us to begin your design! Its time to level up your home and make your own resort just outside. We service all of Connecticut for installation and design!